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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  October 18, 2016 12:37am-1:12am MST

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right now, this is an west phoenix where two motorcyclists were hurt in a crash, this is a live picture we are showing you of the scene near 73rd avenue and indian school. indian school is closed in both directions. it appears the motorcycle was hit by a car, the conditions of the two people hurt is not number we'll bring you updates as we get them.>> i promise you, we will be united against
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hillary clinton is your present would put up. >> arizona senator john mccain promising of the republican party would reject any supreme court nominee put forward by a hillary clinton. we try to get a comment on this issue, he ducked away from our political editor. >> we talked about china's comments. >> we were invited by yogu we were invited. >> i did not fight you to anything.>> the chamber invited us. >> i want to ask you some questions. >> i want to ask some questions.>> you can see dennis welch was blocked from even getting on the elevator with the senator. mccain's team later sentence statement saying the senator will thoroughly examine the records of any potential supreme court justice whether they come from president
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>> this is the video, there's a bomb threat today at the republican party headquarters right here in phoenix. police evacuated the building but did not find anything suspicious. we were told they will now hire private security guards. right now, the fbi and atf investigating a firebombing and vandalism of republican party office in north carolina. this happened over the weekend and someone spray-painted the building, then threw a bottle of flammable material into a window, no one was hurt. >> unclear. share a pio is facing a strong challenge is that close in the jail is an option. we have that story time. the old army tents which make up tent city were supposed to be temporary but they become a huge part of share of joe arpaio's legacy. for decades, he has used them as a model of efficiency. his challenger isn't so sure. >> he says the tents are needed
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paul pantone clarified his stance on 10 city saying he would not be pulling the tents on day one is elected but he maintains, tent city may not be necessary because thousands of inmate beds in other facilities are sitting empty.>> is it no longer necessary, they can be housed indoors and safe solid functional facilities and efficient on behalf of the taxpayers, that's a business decision will make once inside the buyer to purchase. mike the campaign is critical at any talk of close intensity. arpaio's campaign spokesman said the tents have been wildly popular. since this place opened in 1993. >> at 10 city, jared billingham, cbs five days. with arizona and play, there are a lot of events going on. senator bernie sanders will be at any you in flagstaff and
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jesse clinton will hold a rally for her mother at asu on wednesday and then thursday, first lady michelle obama is coming to arizona to rally for clinton. details on that events have not been made public yet. keep it right here, for continuing coverage of all the political events here, leading up to election day. get aching election news right to your phone right downloading our mobile app. a crash in northwestern arizona shut down south bound pigs lost control and slammed into a barrier wall with more than 100 with more than 170 pigs were in that semi, for escaped. several others had to be euthanized due to their injuries. a valley family waiting to hear from please whether the driver that hit a car full of teenagers killing two was impaired. cbs5 news jeff van zandt has
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into the room and brighten your day. >> reporter: the twins and best friends. >> thy're talking about homecoming and fix it up. chuck on friday night they are on the way home when their small car was hit by possible drunk driver who hasn't been officially charged. to others were killed. >> best friend and my sisters. seeing all this is crazy to me. i feel like it's a dream. >> to hear this news that happened to our little girl, it hurts. just because of the fact that people are making dumb decisions and taking away young lives. >> reporter: love and support
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the memorial is growing, students made posters in support of ben and savannah ranger, both recovering in the hospital.>> all we can do is pray. we can't turn back time or fix nothing, we have to continue to move on with our lives and be strong from now on. jail time could be a possibility for sheriff joe arpaio if he is convicted, federal prosecutors officially filed criminal contempt charges against the sheriff today. earlier this year judge found that he violated a court order to stop reading his illegal immigration patrols. still no word on the cause of the fire that burned five rows of condos under construction. this happened saturday night. some homes were evacuated but that's order has been lifted. kleiza try to answer the heart wrecking question, why would a father killed his two little girls and then himself? the girls were just four and
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police found all three inside their home near 91st avenue and broadway. police say he shot them then turned the gun on himself. it was tell us he and his ex- wife may have been fighting over custody. 's 82 break the sense to stop the violence. >> 82 break the silence and to stop the violence. >> please remind everyone october is domestic violence awareness month. a valley-based company that sells packages is facing a consumer and lawsuit from the state. we're joined now and consumers are not the only ones who feel cheated. >> employees say they feel cheated as well. three former employees tell me this company owes them thousands of dollars.
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>> on out $3200. >> that's how much wages and commissioned these former employees say arch vacations close them and hasn't paid them for weeks. >> several of my bills and delays. my right was to reflect. >> getting a five day eviction notices stressful. >> i feel utterly betrayed. check all three work as telemarketers. >> i've owned by successful businesses. >> reporter: she offers business advice on you to even though the attorney joel's hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars in hidden fees. the employees told us they had to read from written sales pitches and were shocked when customers started calling back to complain. >> the exact script is, the only thing you have is a $35 fee from our booking agency, >> was that you? >> it turned out not to be true. jacoby stopped by co-owners home but no one answered.
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, an employee gave us this envelope. >> all media inquiries please be in writing addressed to our attorneys. >> it's unbelievable they can do with taking customers money as well as their employees. it's horrible. chuck i restart the law firm for them but they did not immediately return my call. last month, the company announced it would mail out late paychecks within two weeks. it will be three weeks tomorrow . they say the company won't monday night football here in glendale. the cardinals come away with a 20-3 win. they appear to be a team that has their swag bag. the defense the story of the night, harassing gobert native and the new york jets offense all nice but what david -- david johnson did is turning heads and we'll talk about a week.
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i hope he's on your fantasy team. we'll hear from him later on, and injury update on quarterback carson palmer, cardinals 500 on the season, cx -- seahawks coming in for another primetime matchup next sunday night. is a great day for all the tailgaters. pierce castro the evening. temperatures colder 70 in phoenix 49 inside wins have calmed as well, out of the west and breezy conditions in northern arizona, not the strong wind gusts like we saw this afternoon. >> the storms are saying far to the north. the dry warm conditions for tomorrow 91 expected for you in phoenix.
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kits, said he was for shallow and 88 for bullhead city. 90s are sticking around and you will notice we're deathly going to warm things up. 94 expected for you by your thursday and 93 by friday. it's 10:10 pm any of the answers you need for tomorrow but stick around we're looking at something already causing confusion in the upcoming election. did you get more than one early ballot in the mail? ifdi but we have answers on what you should do next. we'll tell you what's inside the socket is now in orbit. grab your smart phone. you can be part of pardons
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new supplies on their way to the international space station, this cigarette spacecraft to contact from virginia. the broadcast will launch live, is on a six day mission to the international space station. >> we want to vote but i don't want to vote twice i don't want anyone else voting twice. >> some people are getting more than amanda goodman joins us now with these very important answers. >> the pericak vikander post office say it's not unusual to get more than one ballot because of the sheer number of owners. they say this one ballot they would prefer you return to them. >> it's important this year to vote. >> when he pulled three ballots out, he was can used.>> i also
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other to adjust me. i thought this is strange. >> it happens all the time. this is not an error. >> they said multiple ballots are a byproduct of the sheer number of registered voters. 2 million and how many of those received mail in ballots. one point mail in ballots. 1.4 million. >> we have to send voter files to our vendor to print them. it's the end of frustration deadline. >> if the voter makes any changes during that time, they are likely to get to ballots which is what happened in this case. >> i don't want to vote twice or anybody else to vote twice. >> the recorder's office said if you get to, send back the most recently received one. if you can remember which that is. if not, it's okay.
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system that if they receive more than one ballot, only one comes back to us and not to. he reached out to us, there are other ways to reach them including facebook and twitter, and -- links to that on our mobile app. >> recreational marijuana will be on the ballot this november and one of the promises part two of five picks, the voters is there will be controls. critics say this proposition takes local control away. >> would let cities and towns ban recreational marijuana businesses if they put it to a public votes but there's a big exception. if there's already a medical marijuana shops in the area, you cannot ban it. >> the reality is, 90% of arizona has medical marijuana dispensaries. which means we will not be able
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>> lycanthropy schedule? >> under the act, time place a matter of marijuana businesses the cuteness not insider being located away from schools and churches. >> as is not education, new report shows more students than ever are graduating from high school, the white house says the graduation rate tops 82%, that's a record high. statistics show progress for all demographics that include black hisp american who have continued to narrow the gap between their graduation rates for white students. >> if you are thinking about being a clown this halloween, count target out as a place to get a costume. the retailer pulls out masks from their shells and online. this is following a rush of frightening clown encounters and some attacks across the us. the growing urban business has produced an unintended
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producer, jim bean just back jim beam are striking to me they are overworked and understaffed. workers took to the picket lines after more than 200 walked off the job in kentucky over the weekend, contract talks are set to resume tomorrow. forget the corkscrew, you don't need glasses, how about wine out of a can? it's a trend becoming more popular, sales have more than doubled. winemakers say wine in a can is portable, affordable, and get singleserving sizes and it's a hit with millennials. single cans retail for as low as five dollars, four packs and sixpacks are also available.>> this pumpkin carving and then there's pumpkin sculpting. and care for you can take a tour through the enchanted pumpkin run.
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the man behind the project, which is in its second year said the addition of scarecrows just makes sense. >> we love playing with ideas and halloween and pumpkins, scarecrows seems to be a natural continuation because it was a perishable. it started to develop a world of scarecrows. they all went up today, they were on the be on display until halloween. there's good news if you want to bring your >> you want to tune in for the late show with stephen colbert, president obama pays a visit to one of his last appearances as commander-in-chief. >> which you care for an extra iver nutrients bar? which has traveled to more than 100 countries or, this triple tangerine, a golden retriever here?
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woman i love? >> you can hear the president's answer and the full interview tonight on the late show right after the cbs five news at 10 o'clock. >> it is gorgeous here in the valley. take a look at this, it's beginning to look like winter. this is new video from northern california where snow is falling on the sierra nevada. it doesn't seem like that's possible. we are in the 90s. we forget, it's october and it does snow. >> that's also why we live here. >> take a look at sites sunset. or just. tomorrow, another warm one, 90 will be the hive. will check in with paul thornton picked up his annual
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paul horton is paying it forward to big brothers big si setting start at desert ridge martavis. >> day one of the carwash, the supplies used, a big thank you to home depot. we washed over 100 vehicles on day one. volunteers, big thank you to our volunteers who helped be a
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there's some very nice care and some of the best soap. she is the ceo. >> we do it every year. seven years amazing, the money goes to matching the kids in the community. we hope to get all those guys matches. >> you find out more about brothers big sisters in arizona. all you to do is show up, follow the sign. >> we have great sciences year. >> look for us right here.>> all the method the brothers big sisters and the central arizona. >> is a huge party that starts at 4:30 am. if you don't drive, you don't need your carwash, you can still help pay for, grab your smart phone and open the mobile app, click on paul's carwash
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article.>> the new york jets want to phoenix stadium, the cardinals trying to get their record back to 500 and the season. more importantly we capture some of that flag. >> monday night for all, the cardinals loose and relaxed, here's patrick peterson pregame dreed quarterbacks in practice, cardinal offense sputtering out of the gate. it's been the story of the season. that story change in the second drive when david johnson left it took 158 yards to the house. it seemed to get the cardinals going. you seem to get their swag back to cop the carry this team tonight and the offense marched down the field before the half. it's johnson going into the teeth of the jets defense, 2 yard touchdown run with backup
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going into locker at halftime. they put together a 14 play drive, it's johnson again from 2 yards out, earl watford and john wetzel acca guards go right behind them, the cardinals are rolling. they carry the cardinals. here's d.j. swearinger, the big hit to knock the ball loose, swearinger on the practice squad, this time last year was signed midway through the season. he picks off a pass, jumps in and of brandon marshall and that sealed it the cardinals and ryan fitzpatrick went to highland type, the jets finished 16-31. it's carson palmer to michael floyd dropping it in the bucket, cardinals win at 28-3, 500 on the season with a seahawks coming to town. it felt good to get in the
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momentum. that's what started it when getting hyped, everyone getting into the game. >> looks like carson palmer's
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one more check of the seven-day forecast. plenty of sunshine, 91 on tuesday and 82 on wednesday. >> i will pop out to paul's carwash in the morning. >> i'm going in the afternoon, i will be there at 4 o'clock. >> come by
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